Lila Gothel Gray

Work in Progress



Lila has a complex personality.  She has extremely high intelligence. Lila also, despite her eloquence and sly mannerisms, is truly a megalomaniac, with dreams of world conquest in the League of Extraordinary beings. She is also confident. She also possesses ability to formulate and carry out sophisticated plans,  and has the strong ability to understand and predict human behavior, as well as strong strategical and logical intelligence. However, she disregards the safety of herself and others. She has the inability to feel remorse or guilt for her actions. She never sympathizes wit hothers. She has sadistic tendencies (mostly regarding the psychological pain of others), inability to cope with boredom properly, manipulative and deceitful, strong desire for chaos and disorder, extremely large ego, disregard for authority, indifference to the wants and needs of others, prone to obsession, tendency to identify and exploit weaknesses of others.